Jennifer has always fascinated me, the way her bright eyes and calm smile convey not only a warm welcome to those she encounters but also a sense of total acceptance. Her long, wavy red hair flows into her tall, sinewy physique, evidence of her many years holding long, deep poses on the mat that build strength, stretch muscle, and keep the body toned and fit. Graceful and present, when Jennifer speaks with someone, she gives them the gift of her entire focus, which seems to have an immediate calming effect, no matter what that person carried in the door with them. She’s not even distracted in this moment by her rescued Goldendoodle “Flow,” pacing around, nails clicking on the wooden floors for the first part of our conversation.

Did yoga bring her to this calm centeredness, I wonder, instead asking her to tell me something that other people assume about her that is incorrect. She articulates my thoughts without even knowing. “People think […]

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